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Steven & Alma Kretchmer

Steven Kretchmer

Steven Kretchmer has often been referred to as the most innovative designer to ever hit the jewelry scene. World renowned for his eighteen karat blue gold, purple gold, gold mokume gane, and other magical precious metals, he captured mysterious yet fundamental forces of nature and transformed them into timeless works of art. Steven’s signature Tension-Set™ jewelry and magnetic Polarium™ platinum jewelry have revolutionized fine jewelry design.

Steven Kretchmer earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Rhode Island School of Design and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Michigan. Steven had worked at prestigious jewelry firms in New York and Milan, where he had met his wife Alma and his daughter Claudia. In 1991, Steven Kretchmer Design, Inc. was founded in Los Angeles, California.

During his career, Steven had received numerous awards for his continual success in extending the boundaries of fine jewelry design. He had also been granted a number of patents for precious metal product inventions and alloys, including multicolored layered golds, tension settings, and Polarium™, a permanently magnetic platinum alloy developed for a line of fine jewelry that exhibits amazing behaviors, including levitation.

Steven Kretchmer’s continual development and use of unique precious metals, displayed in ageless designs with diamonds and gems, added new dimensions to the fine art of jewelry.

“I design future classics that become heirlooms… precious pieces, created by rare techniques. I do not redo what has been done.” – Steven Kretchmer

Alma Kretchmer

Alma met Steven Kretchmer while working with the Department of Geology at the University of Milano in Italy. Steve was in Italy working and learning traditional goldsmithing techniques with a fine jeweler on Via Montenapoleone. Alma was intrigued by Steve. Marrying in Milano they soon ventured to the US where a budding business grew.

A strong and independent thinker, she often made her impact from behind the scenes at Steven Kretchmer Design. Over the years, she was deeply involved in the administration and financial aspects of the business, enabling Steve to continue his research and development of precious metals. Alma was the grounding force of the business, staying involved in all aspects. Because of Alma, Steve was able to have the freedom of mind to explore the uncharted courses of metallurgy and develop some of the most fascinating alloys patented and used in our industry today. Beautiful, strong, proud and confident and just like Steve… “on fire” when it came to Steven Kretchmer Design, Inc.