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We are proud to announce we are a Supplier Firm Member of the American Gem Society.

The American Gem Society, also known as AGS in the industry, was begun by Robert Shipley in 1934 as an ethical and professional non-profit society which purpose is to promote the professional scientific education within the industry to eliminate misrepresentation and to develop the deserved trust and confidence in the competent retail jeweler by the general public.  Robert Shipley was also the founder of the Gemological Institute of America in 1931 having both institutions setting gemological and professional standards for the jewelry industry worldwide.

As a Supplier Firm Member, we follow the American Gem Society standards which include high ethical standards, having a title member on staff, a history of stability, and community integrity.

The American Gem Society hosts a Conclave every year for an opportunity of continuing education for its members and to network amongst other members with the same professional and ethical ideals.  Claudia will be speaking at this year’s Conclave in New Orleans, LA. On Wednesday April 22nd about using innovative designs and metallurgy to build a broader clientele.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Conclave New Orleans

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