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From the Vault: Steven Kretchmer Rarities and One-of-a-Kind Pieces

We love looking back at the amazing pieces we’ve designed over the years! There have been quite a few one-of-a-kind designs created for collectors, museums and award submissions that deserve some time in the spotlight.

Mokume Butterfly Brooch
A Steven Kretchmer original. This 18K gold butterfly brooch, finished with diamonds, is made in the Mokume Gane tradition of laminating various colors of metals together and manipulating them to create patterns that resemble wood.

Butterfly Brooch

2(stone) Custom Ring
This gorgeous 2(stone) ring features a custom 24k inlay pattern into platinum. One of it’s most stunning features are its stones, which include a pink sapphire and an Aquamarine cut by the famous Munsteiner family of Germany.

2-Stone Munsteiner

Jovan Collision
This pin features two of Steven Kretchmer’s patented technologies, his 24k crystalized gold and the very rare purple gold. Both the crystalized and purple gold are inlayed into platinum and accented with scattered diamonds.

Jovan Collision

Mokume Pendant
Another incredible Mokume piece created by Steven Kretchmer. Using his innovative mokume technique and 24k crystalized gold inlayed in platinum Steven framed a stunning (insert ct and cut here) diamond.

Mokume Pendant_tilted

Dots Omega Ring
A whimsical twist on our classic Omega ring, this amazing piece features a myriad of cool accents and a (ct here) diamond. A ruby and purple gold inlay on each side of the ring join a unique scattered diamond melee pattern.


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