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Where can I find an authorized Steven Kretchmer retailer?

You can locate your nearest authorized Steven Kretchmer retailer by selecting the “Stores” option, which is organized by country and state, on the top main menu of our website. You can also call our office for assistance at 888.RING.SKD (746.4753) during our business hours; Monday-Friday, 9:30am – 5:30pm Arizona Standard Time.


How long does it take to create a Steven Kretchmer piece?

It does depend on the individual piece being created, but typically a Steven Kretchmer design takes between 3 – 4 weeks to create. If you are planning the fine jewelry piece for an event, such as wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc., we suggest planning a minimum of 6 – 8 weeks out.


What is your return policy?

Because each of our ring and band designs are custom fit to your precise finger size, and exact center stone carat weight if applicable, all sales of these items are final.


Is there a warranty on my Steven Kretchmer fine jewelry piece?

Steven Kretchmer stands behind everything it sells and warrants that all fine jewelry items will be free from manufacturing defects at the time of delivery. If the problem is deemed to be from a manufacturing defect, Steven Kretchmer will repair or replace the jewelry item ad no charge excluding shipping.


Warranty excludes coverage from excessive wear-and-tear, physical/accidental abuse, and negligence, loss of precious stones, theft, fire, and contact with any foreign substance, contact with sharp or rough objects, improper cleaning or alterations. Repairs, warranty service or any work performed by someone other than Steven Kretchmer Inc. will void this warranty.


Steven Kretchmer Design does NOT recommend any bands that are not a Steven Kretchmer product to be worn against our rings unless they are lasered together at our studios, as wearing away metal could compromise the security of our products. Failure to do so will void our warranty.


How do I register my Steven Kretchmer fine jewelry piece for warranty?

Currently, each fine jewelry item that leaves our studios does so with our manufacturer’s warranty already in effect.


Where can I find my registration number?

Registration numbers in rings (excluding halos) are located inside the shank of the ring.


What are the numbers and symbols located on the inside of my ring?

This is the hallmark.  It includes the registration number, karat and type of metal, our Steven Kretchmer logo and trademark year.


Is it important to have insurance on my Steven Kretchmer piece?

It is important to have a separate insurance rider on any important piece of jewelry.  We do stand behind our jewelry for any manufacturing defects but that does not include loss or broken stones.  See our warranty page on the bottom for more information.


Where do I have my Steven Kretchmer fine jewelry serviced?

Because the security of your stone is of the utmost importance, any sizing or work done on all Steven Kretchmer fine jewelry requires very special patented techniques performed only at our studios. Due to it’s extraordinary properties, Steven Kretchmer fine jewelry must be serviced at Steven Kretchmer’s studios, or risk voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.


Do you custom design jewelry?

Steven Kretchmer takes pride in all projects that come across the counter.  Using our patented alloys, we will work with you to design around an existing stone or to help you find the perfect stone for a design you have in mind.