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Kretchmer's Alloys

The 18 karat gold and 95% pure platinum alloys created and processed at Steven Kretchmer’s studio are specifically developed for the critical purpose of compression-spring gemstone mountings. The unique precious metal alloys are densified and homogenized to eliminate any possibilities of fractures from stress. The colors are vivid and appealing. The exclusive 95% pure platinum or 18 karat gold alloys are processed by our patented methods to become especially hard and springy, much like a master swordsmith’s blade. The jewelry is aged in our furnaces and does not become brittle through time, as do many jewelry alloys. Kretchmer’s precious metal alloys also have the advantage of being more enduring than standard jewelry alloys, and therefore retail their finish much longer.

Polarium™ is a revolutionary permanently magnetized platinum alloy developed by Steven Kretchmer for a line of jewelry that exhibits amazing behaviors, including levitation. It is 77.7% pure platinum, extremely hard, and resists scratching far better than any other precious metal jewelry alloy available anywhere.

At Steven Kretchmer, each piece of jewelry is a custom engineered, collectible piece of art and is individually tested before leaving the studio.