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Pear-shape Center Stones

Steven Kretchmer Pear-shape Center Stones Blog

Pear-shape stones are one of our favorite center stone shapes here at Steven Kretchmer. In fact, our DP-style ring was designed exclusively for this gorgeous and elegant shape stone.

The stunning 13.22 carat flawless fancy vivid blue diamond, pictured below, was nicknamed ‘The Blue’ and was recently sold to Harry Winston, Inc. for $24 million! Did you know that Steven Kretchmer’s radical metallurgical innovations took him to Harry Winston, Inc. in New York City where he researched, developed and produced jewelry components made from unique golds, most importantly 18K blue gold?!? The company has plans to rename the diamond ‘The Winston Blue.’

Can you picture ‘The Winston Blue’ Tension-Set™ into one of our DP or Wide Undercut Shoulder (WUSH)-style rings? It gives us chills…

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