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Synthetic vs. Simulant

These two words can become a very confusing subject in today’s diamond market.

A Synthetic has the same chemical components as its natural counterpart but is made in a laboratory. An example would be diamond. Diamond and Synthetic Diamond are both 99.9% carbon, one takes billions of years to create and one takes 3 months to manufacture.
Synthetic Diamonds Pictured here are rough synthetic diamonds.

A simulant on the other hand is anything that can look like something else. Diamond simulants include Cubic Zircona, Moissanite, colorless Zircon (natural stone) and many other colorless stones. These do not have the same chemical make up as diamond but many can look very close to diamond.
Moissanite Doubling Pictured here is a close up of double refraction in Synthetic Moissanite.

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